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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Hoysala Expedition Part 22: Someshwara Temple, Matighatta

Matighatta is a village in the Channarayapatna taluq of Hassan district, and is situated about 7 kms away from the world famous Jain pilgrim centre, Sravana Belagola. This village, which is close to my heart as it also happens to be my maternal grandparents' place, might very well be home to an ancient Hoysala temple. I say "might be", because it is not clear whether the Someshwara temple situated on the outskirts of the village belongs to their era or not, despite having the typical Hoysala emblem on top of the sanctum sanctorum. The old temple was renovated a couple of years back with the help of the Sri Manjunatheshwara Dharmotthana Trust of Dharmasthala, and the whole renovation campaign was spearheaded by my maternal uncle and retired teacher, S. Nagarajaiah. The scenic beauty of the coconut farms surrounding the temple premises makes it a place worth the visit.

Here's a photo collection, as usual: