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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hoysala Expedition Part 1: Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli

My Hoysala expedition hit the road running a week ago, with a visit to Doddagaddavalli. Doddagaddavalli, a small village in the district of Hassan, Karnataka, is home to the little known architectural marvel, a Lakshmi Devi temple of the Hoysala period. Inscriptions prove that the temple was constructed under the reign of King Vishnuvardhana, in the year 1114 AD, thus making the temple one of the oldest in the country. Vaishnavite, Shaivite and Jain influences are all in full display, and the temple houses shrines of Lakshmi, Bhoothanatha Linga, Kali and Vishnu. Also in display are rare and intricate carvings of Astadikpalakas (gods of eight directions), fiery Betalas (demons), and multiple inscriptions from the periods of different Hoysala kings.

Here is a compilation of some of the pictures I could take on a rather gloomy day. The "almost-about-to-rain" weather added to the countryside look and feel, complete with cool breeze throughout the time spent in the village.

I would like to thank my long-time friend and native of the village, Karthik D. P., and the families of his and his relatives, because of whom this trip to the ancient temple became possible and enjoyable.

Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli from hmvprasanna on Vimeo.