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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hoysala Expedition Part 42: Nageshawara Temple, Mosale

Right next to the Channakeshava Temple, as its mirror image, is the Nageshwara Temple in the village of Mosale near Hassan. Slightly taller and slightly more intricately carved on the outside compared ti the Channakeshava Temple, the Nageshwara temple also has a more attractive stone kalasha as well as multiple statues of Sala slaying the lion in different shapes and sizes all around the temple.

The year of construction is believed to be 1200 AD under the reign of Veera Ballala II, with the temple covered with statues of the 24 forms of Vishnu, his 10 incarnations, Mahishamardhini, Saraswati and more, despite the main sanctum housing the Shiva linga of Nageshwara.

Here's a video:

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