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Friday, 27 December 2013

Long Weekend Getaway: Part 8: Keladi and Ikkeri

So, here's an attempt to finish off the pending episodes of our Jog-Agumbe trip three months back before the year ends. So, continuing on from part 7 here:

We returned from the Jog Falls that evening and stayed at Sagara, and the next day, before our trip back to Shivamogga, went on a trip to the nearby historical places of Keladi and Ikkeri, both located within 10 km radius of Sagara.

First stop was Ikkeri, the one time capital of the Keladi Nayakas. This small town is now identified by the beautiful Aghoreshwara Temple, built in a combination of Vijayanagara, Hoysala and Chalukya styles, almost entirely using granite stones. Light drizzle and a big beautifully carved Nandi statue invited us, and we went around the temple exploring its geometrical perfection. Here are a few pictures from Ikkeri:

Up next was Keladi, famous as the first capital of the Nayakas who ruled the region, after the disintegration of the Vijayanagara empire. The Nayakas later moved to Ikkeri as that became their capital. The kingdom is famous for proud rulers like Shivappa Nayaka and Keladi Chennamma. Now, the most notable aspect of Keladi is the Hoysala-Dravida style Rameshwara Temple, which  is a 16th century temple built mainly out of green schist stone and wooden extensions. There are stories about how Keladi Chennamma faced up to the invaders, and we can even see the modern day Karnataka emblem, Gandaberunda carved on the ceilings of the temple. Here are some pictures from this trip:

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