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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hoysala Expedition Part 27: Lakshminarayana Temple, Sindhaghatta

Sindhaghatta is a small town near Krishnarajapete in Mandya district, Karnataka, close to the state highway of Channarayapatna - Mysore. The town has two little known Hoysala temples, one of them being the still worshiped Lakshmi Narayana Temple. It is a single shrine temple with the inner carvings indicating the same beauty one gets to see in most well known Hoysala temples, but the outer walls are devoid of any carvings. The main deity is Lord Lakshmi Narayana, a form of Vishnu who is carrying Lakshmi on his lap, as can be seen in Adagur. The main deity is amazingly serene and clearly indicates the mastery of the sculptors who could have only belonged to the Hoysala period. Inscriptions found in and around the town date the temple back to the times of king Vishnuvardhana, but according to those records, the temple continued to receive funds even during the reins of Veera Ballala II. Year 1179 AD appears to be the time of completion of construction of the temple, according to those who have studied the information available.

Sindhaghatta is definitely one of the calmer towns you could come across, and being home to two historically important temples hasn't changed its fortunes one bit.

Here is a video of photos collated from my visit to the place:

Next post will contain the details of the other temple in Sidhaghatta that belongs to the Hoysala period, the Sangameshwara - Janneshwara temple.

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