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Friday, 24 June 2011

Hoysala Expedition Part 20: Siddeshwara Temple, Marle

Continuing on from the Marle Hoysala temple visit, standing next to the Keshava temple is the Siddeshwara temple, another ekakuta shrine housing the Shiva linga named Siddeshwara in its sanctum sanctorum. Also inside the temple is a slightly broken statue of Ganesha. Outer walls of the temple differ significantly from the Keshava temple in that it has carvings of Vishnu's dashavatara, and other usual carvings we see in majority of the Hoysala temples. This fact puts to question the theory of both the temples having been constructed around the same time, since their design differ so much from each other. There stands a huge unprotected inscription that might hold answers to these doubts and more details about the lifestyle during the early Hoysala period, but with the neglect from authorities reducing the temple complex to cattle grazing yard and hideout for anti-social elements, this piece of history would soon bite the dust, although, I wish something is done soon to prevent that from happening.

A photo compilation of the temple, as usual:

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