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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hoysala Expedition Part 14: Chatteshwara Temple, Chatachattahalli

Chatachattahalli, a village situated about 5 kilometers away from Halebidu, boasts of an old Hoysala temple, believed to be constructed by Chattaiah Perumale, who held a notable position in the Hoysala kingdom. The temple, which is a Trikuta architecture, has Chatteshwara as its main deity, and also contains Suryanarayana and Harihara in other two sanctum sanctorums.

The temple though, is currently in deplorable condition, and with no care being taken, this piece of history is slowly collapsing to obscurity.

EDIT: The temple was restored around 2013, with efforts from Shri Haranahalli Nagendra and others, striving to ensure that the historical monuments and temples in and around Hassan district survive for the upcoming generations.

Here is the video compilation:

Chatteshwara Temple, Chatachattahalli from hmvprasanna on Vimeo.

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