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Monday, 2 March 2015

Some images from Badami...

Some pictures from my last year's trip to Badami, Karnataka. All these special architectrues are from the Badami Chalukya and Kalyani Chalukya period, ranging from 6th Century CE to 12th Century CE.

Entrance to the cave temple dedicated Shiva

Stunning carving on the rooftop inside the Shiva cave temple

The famous Nataraja statue depicting multiple Bharatanatya poses

Varaha lifting Bhoodevi

Vamana becoming Trivikrama

Entrance to the cave temple dedicated to Vishnu

The Kalyani Chalukya marvel right below the Badami Chalukya caves

Vishnu? or Chalukya king Pulikeshi?

Paintings on the rooftop from the 6th / 7th century Badami Chalukya period

From inside one of the cave temples of Badami

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