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Friday, 6 March 2015

More pictures from Badami, Karnataka

Here are some more haunting images from my trip to Badami last year, continuing on from a few shared here:

A life size Adinatha statue at the Mahaveera (4th) Cave Temple

A view of the little temple structures on the hill opposite to the Badami Caves

Bhootanatha Temple complex as seen from  the Badami Caves


The grandeur and the unique color of the Badami Cave Temples

Stairs to the architectural heaven

Bhootanatha Temple complex from the Agastya Lake around sunset

Stunning carvings of Varaha, Ganesha, Trimurtis, Mahisha Mardhini, Ugra Narasimha and more beyond the Bhootanatha Temple

Agastya Lake and Badami Cave Temples as seen from the Bhootanatha Temple complex

A calm picturesque water body behind the Bhootanatha Temple complex

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