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Friday, 20 September 2013

Long Weekend Getaway: Part 6: The Sringeri Stay

Continuing on from the 5th part:

After the Kundadri exploration, it was time to plan the night stay for day 1, and since we had decided not to go back to Agumbe as that would have costed us a lot of time the next day in our travel towards Jog Falls, we had decided to go to Sringeri and stay there. Ashok, the auto driver dropped us at Bidaregudi, a town 15 kilometers away from Sringeri, and guided us about the bus timings to reach Sringeri. By the time we had a hot cup of coffee at Bidaregudi, the bus was there, and we ended up at Sringeri at 7:30 in the evening. We visited the Sharadamba Temple right away, and had the Prasadam at the temple as our dinner and proceeded to take rest at the lodge we had booked on arrival.

The next day early in the morning, Karthik and myself payed another visit to this serene place of Bhakti, witnessed the Puja offered to Sharadamba and Vidyashankara and various other deities in the temple complex, and soaked in the atmosphere of sacredness that one gets at the very first moment of stepping into the complex. Even as many families brought their little kids for their initiation of studies through "Aksharabhyasa", other devotees bathed at River Tunga, at her ferocious best, but appearing somewhat tempered by the early morning calmness.

This visit was more for the mind and soul, and no words or pictures can explain the tranquility it brings. And we had our breakfast in Sringeri and started towards Sagara, to catch a bus to Jog from there.

Some images of the Vidyashankara Temple

The Sharadamba Temple

The Tunga River early in the morning

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