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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Sights and Scenes from God's Own Country: Part 1

Here are some photos from my multiple visits to different parts of Kerala over the years. Part 1 is in and around Palakkad.

A view of the Pothundy Dam from the road near Nemmara

A view of the Western Ghats from near Nemmara 

Macaques perched on a tree near Seethargund

Pearl-like flow of the Seethargund Waterfalls

A typical green scene from the Nelliampathi Range

An old home, greenery and a lot of swans - a farm at Nelliampathi hill station

Bright sunny day and a calm stream flanked with trees all around at Nelliampathi

Kerala Defined: Lush Greenery of the Tea Plantations

A small water body, lots of greenery, a spot one can easily miss en route to Nelliampathi

Large paragraphs won't suffice to describe this tranquility at the Pothundy Dam 

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