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Saturday, 27 December 2014

My paintings, before the turn of the millennium...

You start feeling a little strange when you realize you have not done something that was very close to your heart, for a long time. The last time I did a bit of drawing / sketching / painting was about a decade and a half back. All the paintings I did back then were mostly without much professional guidance, based on whatever I could pick up by observing things around me, while the rich interest in sketching and painting within the family also probably helped me get excited about it. I had spent hours and hours behind it as I was growing up, and makes me wonder now, where did all that patience go? I can't even imagine now, focusing long hours like that in perfecting a stroke, mixing a colour, and finishing a painting.

Anyway, here's an insight into a hobby that took backseat long ago (all these were done before I was 15, I think), and makes many around me (and even myself, sometimes ) feel it could have become so much better if I had progressed further on this one...

1. A Ganapati I had sketched in 1997 got a face lift and completion in 2007, thanks to Microsoft Paint

2. A sage blessing his pupils

3. Young Lava and Kusha capturing the horse from the Ashwamedha Yagna performed by Rama

4. Colourful parakeets

5. Akbar and Birbal - The Amar Chitra Katha effect

6. A sketch of Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre, one of the greatest Kannada poets of the last century and Jnanapeetha awardee - made while a class was going on :)

7. "Balamangala", the kids magazine, had its effects too..

8. One of the earliest attempts at painting, in 1988 - got an approval of "very good" from my then school principal :)

9. A little different...

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