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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Kshanaprabhaa Access: In Numbers...

Here are some data points about the access and usage of, right out of Google Analytics, which is in place since May 2010 for the blog. Although I was planing to dig deeper and showcase better visualizations, lack of time and the urge to get this done before the dawn of 2015 makes me share pretty much the raw data:

1. The browser breakup is delightful, for the developer in me :)

2. The overall access numbers are heading in the right direction I suppose...

3. The top ten most accessed posts (they are also available as links on the right hand side widget under the name "Popular Posts":

4. Country-wise page view counts. No surprises here...

5. Major Sources of Traffic to the blog:

1. Google India
2. Google Worldwide
3. Facebook
4. Twitter
5. Facebook Mobile
6. Kshanaprabhaa
7. Google UK
8. Google Australia

6. Top 10 tags used on the blog (slightly curated to remove repeats):

1. Temple
2. History
3. Hoysala
4. Travel
5. Photography
6. Carnatic Music
7. Zimbabwe Cricket
8. Poetry
9. Hindustani Music
10. Cartoon

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