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Monday, 7 July 2014

Some Nature Clicks from North and Central Karnataka

While travelling across many parts of Northern and Central Karnataka a fortnight ago, I came across some beautiful flora and fauna. Though my focus was capturing ancient temple architecture, nothing stopped me from clicking a few of these little birds and lush green corn fields. So, here are a few shots of the nature as we traveled through Gadag, Lakkundi, Badami, Hubli and more:

A Little bird at Badami

Lush green plantations at Hanagal

Corn fields and mango groves at Hanagal

Golden sunset on the outskirts of Hubli

Spotted a little spotted bird at Itagi

A stunningly beautiful bird having its afternoon lunch at Lakkundi

And another majestic bird watches on from the top of a temple, Lakkundi again

Trees and old temples, reminding of Jungle Books? At Mahakoota

A dog and a kitten forget enmity at Nadakalasi

Long green and lush trees at Nadakalasi

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