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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Long Weekend Getaway: Part 3: Agumbe: Jogi Gundi Falls

Continuing on from the second part:

Just as we eased into the rainy day at Agumbe at Kasturi Akka's Dodda Mane, we were also wondering how to achieve our plan of visiting the three waterfalls in and around the town. As if they had understood our thoughts, Kasturi Akka and her family members suggested that we can get the help of Ashok, an Auto driver who regularly carries the tourists around the town, to the falls and the hills. As the Independence Day march past went on, he was ready for us to get into his auto, with plans to take us to the first of the waterfalls, Jogi Gundi. It was close by, about 4 kilometers from the town center, and the vehicle could go all the way, except for a couple of hundred steps inside the lush green forest, where every tree was drenched and dripping with rain water.

We also had another team of four Agumbe explorers who started from Dodda Mane in Ashok's auto, and we were at the entrance of the forest in no time. As we walked in, the greenery was so dense that it started looking like it was 7 in the evening, although it was still 10:30 in the morning. The rains were incessant, but we were super excited about the long watery day ahead, and the first sight of the Jogi Gundi falls took our breath away. It was a relatively small waterfall sorrounded by a pool of water, from where the water flew downhill with great intensity.

We enjoyed a blissful hour of seclusion from the townships, with great sights and sounds of mother nature being our only company. Words can't describe the amazing time we had there, so let us directly get to some of the photographs...

Karthik and Thomas as we enter the forest that is home to Jogi Gundi

First look at the Jogi Gundi Falls

Us at Jogi Gundi

The roaring crystal clear falls

Anurag contemplates, surrounded by water

And joy for Thomas as he faces the falls

Water gushes downstream from the pool

Thomas and Karthik as we head back out

Anurag and I say a final goodbye to the Jogi Gundi natural beauty

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