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Monday, 3 December 2012

Tweets, Photos and Screen Grabs from Shatavadhana

Here are my tweets, photos and screen grabs from the greatly successful Shatavadhana that happened over the weekend. Wishing Dr. R Ganesh a very happy 50th birthday tomorrow, and wishing him a great life ahead with a lot more invincible achievements...

Attending  from today by Dr. R. Ganesh. The first ever all kannada shatavadhana. Excited!

Shatavadhana at nmkrv college, jayanagar begins at 5 pm today, and runs over next two days  

Know more about 

A blog post on a previous  I had attended:  

Know more about the  at the official site of :  , 

 Wikipedia article on Shatavadhani Ganesh:

 My previous blog posts on Dr. R. Ganesh's performances: 

Great start to  today with multiple dattapadis, samasyapooranas and kavyavachanas. They would be completed over next two days 

Dattapadi eg: Ganesha stuti with (star, peg, kasab, nityananda); Draupadi's stuti of Krishna with (hawk, eagle, kite, goshawk)  

Dattapadi eg: Manmatha stuti with (kroora, vaira, neera, shoora); Hanuma stuti with (gundu, tundu, kuja, dosha)  

 The book "Brahmapuriya Bhikshuka" a wonderful insight into life and times of  - by Dr. R. Ganesh. Bought y'day at 

Watching Day 2 of  via live webcast  

 looking way livelier today, with Sudheer Krishnaswamy and Prof. Kannan chipping in 

Youngest prucchaka, he wasn't even speaking when  did his first  :) and gives a stunning samasyapoorana

Very good  question: What would onlookers feel when Jesus is being crucified using (Bye, Avajo, Adieu, Alvida)  

Chandrashekhara Kedilaya sings KS Narasimhaswamy's Rutugeetha from Navapallava. What a great voice!  

Dr. Ganesh comes to second round, starts reminding audience of y'day's questions, and starts continuing them. Amazing! 

Prof. G. Venkatasubbaiah  watching  conducted by Dr. R. Ganesh , who is half his age :)

ka-Ta-pa-yAdi sootra used to make bIDi greater than sigarETu (4 > 2) for the samasyapoorana  

Session 3 of  on, with Ranjini Nagaraj singing...

Dr. Ganesh completing samasyapoorana and giving explanation starting with Prabhakar and Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya's questions 

Day 2 of  ends, highlight towards the end being mathematical solution to the samasyapoorana involving BeeDi and Cigarette 

Prucchakas bringing out  and Ganesh's birthday wishes through  itself.  celebrates 50th birthday in two days

962nd  drawing to a close, with  about to complete the last 4 dattapadis  

 today: what can fly do in gold shop? with prices so high, if it sits on one side of balance, shopper or owner is at loss! 

Moral of the fly in gold shop quip: do not underestimate anything or anyone.  

 final round ends with 5 mins of standing ovation, raining flowers on  and Kedilaya singing praises in the background

Chandrashekhara Kedilaya's singing takes you to a different world! 

 webcast was absolutely outstanding with no hiccups - I attended 2.5 sessions live and the rest 2.5 through webcast :)

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