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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pune Trip Part 3: Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

My trip to Pune earlier this year would have been incomplete without a visit to the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum located at Shukrawarpet area at the center of Pune city. The museum is home to a lot of artifacts depicting India's rich cultural heritage over the last many centuries, and tells the stories of sacrifices of Dr. Kelkar and his family. The museum contains pieces of architecture and sculptures ranging from 10th century to 19th century, ornaments, weapons, vessels, and most importantly, amazing and rare musical instruments from across the country. Here are some photographs, and if you are visiting Pune, don't forget to visit this place, a treasure built purely by the passion of one man, Dinkar Kelkar.

It was great to see a 11th century Hoysala sculpture from Halebidu, Karnataka in Pune...

Panchamukhi Maruti statue:

A Ganesha idol made of utensils of daily use :)

Intricate window design, and impressive lock and key design:

Some amazing musical instruments:

Puppets depicting Yakshagana characters:

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