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Monday, 10 September 2012

Pune Trip Part 1: Photos of Greenery

Some pictures from my July Pune trip, showcasing the greenness and freshness of the rainy season:

Greenery atop the Parvathi Hill

Green and stranded Saras Baug in the morning

Female sparrow at Saras Baug

White lotus in the Saras Baug pond

Indian Pond Heron walks amongst the lotuses in the Saras Baug pond

Trees stand tall atop Sinhagad hill station

Sinhagad fort walls covered with lush greenery

Rains threaten to splash Khadakwasla lake, as seen from Sinhagad hilltop

Sinhagad valleys covered with nothing but green

A rain drenched Indian Myna

Lonesome Stranger

Stairs to invisibility

Ficus Religiosa with its golden new leaves

Endless greenery reminding a well planned tea estate

"Two roads diverged in a green wood..."

Standing tall in the mountain mist

"The road not taken"

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