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Friday, 28 September 2012

Infosys Mysore: Flora and Fauna

Some pictures from the trip to Infosys Mysore Campus in August. Thanks to Madhura, Thomas, Ajay and Aswathi who "dragged" me along :)

Lush green stranded bliss! 

A Greater Coucal searches for food

Bright and colourful, with stunning stings 

Morning sun rays light up the brand new flowers 

A Red-vented Bulbul begins its day

Crape Jasmine blooms on a gloomy evening

Bright yellow flowers with a hostel block in the background 

No, not a place for retired folks, probably a place to sit and reflect upon a hectic day? 

Indian Cuckoo getting ready to sing? 

The Red-vented Bulbul flies with gay abandon 

A Little Cormorant dries its wings

This bright green little bird is getting ready for a morning breakfast flight 

And the bright blue Kingfisher contemplates

The majestic look of the Red-vented Bulbul

And a video of these and a few other photos:


KamalStudios said...

awesome set of pics!!
u seem 2 b making so much out of any place you go!!
well done!! :)

Prasanna said...

Thanks Arun, I would consider this great complement, coming from you :)