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Saturday, 18 May 2013

In the spell of Charukeshi - Part 5

Can't seem to get enough of Raga Charukeshi, here is the 5th installment, as I find a few more gems, starting with a customary Malayalam movie song. Malayalam movies have embraced Charukeshi like no other it seems, and the "K J Yesudas - Lord Krishna - Charukeshi" combination seems to be just the road to heaven that one is looking for. Obviously, The great Swathi Tirunal looks to have contributed significantly to a revolution in Bhakti through raga Charukesi.

1Yadukula Murali from the Malayalam movie Puthiya Mugham:

2. Ramin Djawdi composes an excellent number for the television series Game of Thrones, with clear inspirations from Charukeshi:

3. Violin Maestros Ganesh and Kumaresh depict the rainy season in raga Charukeshi:

4. Rajnikanth acts as Sri Raghavendra in the Tamil movie of the same name, and Yesudas gets an opportunity to sing in Charukeshi:

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V Sridhar said...

The Ganesh Kumaresh violin is a moving performance. Went over to Flipkart to see what digital versions are around.

Thanks for the detailed notes and the examples across non-traditional content categories.

Prasanna said...

Thanks Sridhar. I was looking for the video of that specific performance by Ganesh and Kumaresh after getting hold of the audio a couple of years ago. Indeed a very good improvisation there.

Renditions of Adamodi Galada by Bombay Jayashree and Balamurali Krishna have been personal favorites too.

Charukeshi has an enchanting effect, and I'm addicted now :)