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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hoysala Expedition Part 18: Bucheshwara Temple, Koravangala

With my Hoysala expedition briefly back on track, here's an update on my recent visit to Koravangala, a village 9 kms away from Hassan. This village is home to 3 temples of Hoysala period, two of which are in a state of disarray. This post, though, is about the ekakuta temple that stands tall within the small lakeside village, named the Bucheshwara Temple, built in 1173 AD by the prime minister of King Ballala, The Second, Buchi Raja. It houses the Shiva Linga named Bucheshwara in its only main sanctum sanctorum, and exactly opposite to this is a sanctum housing Suryanarayana, the Sun god. Also next to this is an enclosure housing Kala Bhairava, which has been locked out for a long time now.

Unique to this temple are the external carvings that showcase the story of Prahlada and Hiranyakashipu, with all the tortures Prahlada was subjected to, in order to make him forget Hari, the god he believed in. The long lonely walk along the banks of the Koravangala lake that takes one to the Bucheshwara temple amid the strong winds blowing across the coconut plantations gives a great feeling in itself, to the visitor.

Here is a photo compilation of the temple:

Bucheshwrara Temple, Koravangala from hmvprasanna on Vimeo.


KamalStudios said...

background music is as impressive as the photography and the description. nice work!
you are so lucky to visit all these places and see them yourself.. and i am a little luckier to watch them at the comfort of my house! :-P

Prasanna said...

Thanks, that is the whole point: to bring these little known treasures lost in history to some sort of limelight :)

And yes, background music for this one has become a personal favorite. Raga Karnaranjini rendered so melodiously by Mala Chandrashekhar